"PrestiDigital Media provides an essential service for any organization on the internet—that of analytics-based, strategic planning and marketing. With their analysis, we've been able to focus the core needs of our clients' communications with their audiences, constituents, and stakeholders. We now know exactly where, when and how we're connecting the goals of our websites with the people we need to reach.

— Robert Innis, Rinse Design

"We hired PrestiDigital to upgrade our website, and essentially rebrand us both digitally and as an organization. Even though that took a bit of time, from the branding sessions (with our entire staff of program managers, as well as having solicited input from our board and other employees) to the design and content of the website and the redesign of the logo itself—which turned out wonderfully—we have had nothing but positive feedback. The site reflects our distinguished history as having been at the forefront of experiential education, and conveys the larger, broader, more international mission of our nonprofit (they also showed us the brand value of changing our name from Santa Fe Mountain Center to just The Mountain Center). The site is clean, easy to navigate, informative, organized and user friendly—both for our staff and for people looking for more information about who we are and what we do."

— Tony Dixon, The Mountain Center

“PrestiDigital put up a one-page site for me and I love it! I knew I wanted something fast and simple and that, as a one-person operation, I didn’t need all the usual bells and whistles. Not only did we get my site up there more quickly and for less money, but as Demi explained early on, a one-page site nowadays doesn’t get penalized by Google anymore the way it did in the past. Demi really knows what to do before you even build your site and put it out there—and I now know that all that work ahead of time really lays a solid foundation for a site, so that it performs the way it should.”

— Julie Soucek, JulsTech.Net

“Creating a web site was an entirely new adventure for me. PrestiDigital was a perfect partner for me as they started their new business. Both Demi and Devon brought their years of experience and creativity to the repositioning of my body of work presenting it in an effective and creative way to a specific target market. They were able to capture my early concept and ideas and co-create a great result in the website. They have assembled a great team of effective, creative, technically competent fun people with which to work.”

— Gordon Hawthorne, Santa Fe Sabbatical

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